Modern SAFARI Quilted merino Sleepy Romper - (3 sizes: newborn to 24m+)
Modern SAFARI Quilted merino Sleepy Romper - (3 sizes: newborn to 24m+)

Modern SAFARI Quilted merino Sleepy Romper - (3 sizes: newborn to 24m+)

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Keeping your little one snug, warm and happy in a our merino Sleepy Romper - It's simple, beautiful and effective!

Our quilted merino garments are genuinely superheros when it comes to baby's sleep, thanks to the unique super powers of merino wool. Merino wool improves the quality of sleep by creating a micro climate around baby's body by regulating the body temperature and wicking away moisture. 

Made out of double layer of cotton (cotton twill on top and cotton knit against the body) with merino wool in between, our quilted signature fabric is soft and silky to touch. The wool is scientifically proven the best sleeping wear choice for babies, including eczema babies.

KO-COON Quilted Merino Sleepy Romper is coming in different sizes, designed to fit from newborn right up to 24 Months+. 


  • Luxuriously quilted cotton & merino wool fabric which creates a micro climate around the baby’s body by regulating the body temperature and wicking away moisture. If the baby overheats, the sleeping bag will lower down the excess heat and if the baby is losing body heat, the sleeping bag will keep him warm.
  • The fabric is naturally antibacterial and dust mites free.
  • Pops on the shoulders and between the legs to make it easy for nappy change and potty training.
  • The little romper legs promote child independence and avoid tears of frustration for being trapped in a sleeping bag
  • The baby can walk around in the romper aka sleeping bag 

Let’s talk about TOG

The TOG rating describes the warmth or "Thermal Resistance" of a product and is widely used to explain warmth levels of duvets.  Unlike duvets, infant sleeping bags have lower tog rating numbers. The TOG indicates approximately how many blankets the sleeping bag is equivalent to. Bags with rating of 0.5 and 1 or below are for spring/summer use. Bags with rating 2-3 are for autumn/winter. 

Sleeping bags with polyester or man-made fiber fillings must go through a standard testing to be TOG rated, especially to avoid the rick of overheating.

Merino wool has it all! Our Merino quilted Sleepy Romper has an estimated TOG rating of around 2.5/3, making it ideal for cooler to colder temperatures.

Layering Guidelines

Given this estimated 2.5/3 TOG rating, here is how we advise to layer your baby for different temperatures:

Mild Weather (21-24°C)

• Light Layer: A light cotton bodysuit/babygrow and/or vest underneath.

Cool Weather (18-20°C)

• Moderate Layer: A long-sleeved bodysuit/babygrow or cotton sleepsuit and/or vest underneath.

Cold Weather (16-18°C)

• Warm Layer: A long-sleeved bodysuit and a thicker sleepsuit or babygrow underneath the sleeping bag.

Very Cold Weather (Below 16°C)

• Heavy Layer: Use multiple layers such as a long-sleeved bodysuit, a thick sleepsuit, and possibly an additional vest if necessary.


KO-COON Sleepy Rompers made from our signature natural fibers of quilted cottons and merino wool adjust the warmth according to temperature.

This is one of the reasons why natural fiber Merino sleeping wear is so strongly recommended especially for babies and children. The merino wool is highly breathable, naturally regulates baby’s body temperature, keeping your baby warm in winter and cool in summer. The merino breathes and wicks away moisture (sweat) in summer, yet insulates in winter. It gives one the greatest warmth for weight, while being extremely light and soft.

While heavier and bulkier synthetic fibers can seem 'warmer', they actually trap body moisture against the skin, causing your baby to sweat and overheat, to develop rush and eczema.


Additional Tips

Check Comfort: Always check if the baby is comfortable by feeling their back or neck for signs of overheating or coldness.
Breathable Layers: Ensure that all layers are made from breathable natural fibers like cotton or hemp to maintain good airflow and temperature regulation.
Adjust as Needed: Adjust the layers based on the nursery temperature and the baby’s comfort.

How to care about KO-COON Quilted Merino Sleepsacks and Rompers

We recommend gentle wool cycle machine or hand wash with wool detergent with limited spin. Do not tumble dry.
Please note that the wool might still migrate after the first 2-3 washes until gets stabilised. It is a natural process. 



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