The KO-COON Way: innovating baby sleep

Alina Warner

Crafting Comfort and Beauty for Your Little One

In 2018, in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa, KO-COON was born out of a visionary’s passion for exquisite, multifunctional, and health-conscious baby products. The driving force behind KO-COON is the belief that newborns and parents deserve the very best in comfort, safety, and aesthetics.

I am Alina, the Founder of KO-COON, and along with a small dedicated team, I embarked on a mission to create a brand that stands for beauty, functionality, and the well-being of babies, that brings a sense of wonder and delight.

The Essence of KO-COON:

KO-COON is a brand synonymous with baby nursery nooks that redefine the concept of baby sleep and comfort. The heart of our creations lies in mobile co-sleepers, such as Moses baskets and bassinets, resting gracefully on metal or wooden stands. These are not just your ordinary cosleepers; they are versatile works of art designed to seamlessly integrate with any décor. 

In our quest to achieve the perfect balance between safety, aesthetics and functionality, we collaborated closely with pediatric physiotherapists and occupational therapists. This partnership has enabled us to create products that not only look stunning but also promote the healthy development of babies. At KO-COON, SAFETY is not just a priority; it’s paramount.

Craftsmanship at Its Finest:

What sets KO-COON apart is our commitment to using the finest materials. Our bedding for co-sleepers is crafted from natural fibers such as merino wool, cotton, and hemp. We are pioneers of the first worldwide 3-in-1 merino nesting pod for babies. This innovative creation serves multiple purposes, from naps to tummy time, offering flexibility and comfort like never before. Each part of the nest was designed to be individually used for various needs, demonstrating our dedication to functionality.

KO-COON doesn’t stop at babies' first beds products; we are also manufacture baby sleepwear (cocoon zipped swaddles, rompers, bags, knotted gowns)  and baby essentials (receiving blankets and burping cloths and bibs, traveling changing pads) made from soft cotton knits, fleece, and muslin. These minimalist designs are not only visually appealing but are also designed with meticulous attention to detail.

Our range includes changing baskets with beautiful quilted padding, nappy baskets, and toy storage baskets, all reflecting the same commitment to quality.


Our Community and Following:

From our humble beginnings, we’ve grown organically to reach today an amazing 34.8k followers on Instagram. We’ve found joy in working with influencers and hosting giveaways, always with the aim of giving back to the community that has supported us.

The KO-COON Philosophy:

At the heart of KO-COON is a philosophy that goes beyond mere commerce. We are deeply committed to supporting the community, prioritizing sustainability, and preserving traditional craftsmanship. Wood, wool, and natural fibers are the cornerstone of our brand, reflecting our values of nurturing and caring for our environment and the people involved in our production.

Our Vision with Heart:

Navigating the overwhelming world of baby products can be a daunting task for new parents. It’s our mission to guide you back to simplicity and elegance, away from the mass-produced and towards products that exude charm, celebrate neutral tones, and are lovingly handcrafted. In doing so, we celebrate the uniqueness of each newborn and make a statement against impersonal, one-size-fits-all baby products.

Our KO-COON creations are more than just good for your baby’s body; they’re an embrace for your mind and soul.

As a founder and a parent, I’m deeply moved by the love and support we’ve received. At KO-COON, we’re all about ensuring your baby’s world is not just safe and comfortable, but a place of beauty and wonder. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

All our love,

Alina ~ KO-COON team