Merino Wool toddler pillow (40x30cm) with pillowcase
Merino Wool toddler pillow (40x30cm) with pillowcase
Merino Wool toddler pillow (40x30cm) with pillowcase

Merino Wool toddler pillow (40x30cm) with pillowcase

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We simply sleep better surrounded by bedding made from wool.

We created a wonderful, cozy, merino wool pillow for your little one. A beautiful handcrafted product, this is not your regular mass-production baby product.

Merino wool has amazing natural properties. It’s a renewable miracle fiber that absorbs up to 30-40% its weight in moisture which help maintaining the body temperature constant by avoiding overheating and loosing body heat. It keeps your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.

Merino wool is dust mites and mold resistant, making it a healthier alternative fill than cotton, kapok or feather down.

There are so many benefits to sleep on MERINO WOOL for you and your toddler. Nothing beats the superiority of wool, especially when it comes to sleep.

Unlike synthetic or other natural fibres our merino wool pillow inners:

  • Promote better, longer and restful sleep
  • Are naturally resistant to dust mites, mould or mildew; naturally antibacterial
  • Wick away moisture and help to regulate the body temperature for a better sleep; No sweating
  • Are made out of 100% merino wool batting, with no chemicals or bleaches

We thoughtfully designed the pillow inner and sourced the merino wool to be machine washable, which is a must have feature in our current modern lives. The pillows will give you a medium to firm support. The pillow maintains its support and texture in time, last longer and is more hygienic than any other pillows.

The pillow gives a perfect support from 1-1.5 yrs old and for those who love sleeping on their tummy.

Pillow details

  • Size: 40x30cm
  • Pillow inner:  merino wool
  • Outer case: soft cotton knit

A 100% South African product. Made with love in our studio in Cape Town.

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