KO-COON "TRADE IN" Baby Bundle - Donation Program

BABIES grow really fast...
As parents, we do our best to offer our babies THE BEST WE CAN..
Beside our love, care and best/healthiest baby products, we teach and give them our example…to SHARE and CARE about a HEALTHIER PLANET.
We took the pledge to pursue a purposeful business model and products. And now we actively joined the move of a CIRCULAR ECONOMY - one where everything used is recycled, and everything new is made sustainably and purposefully.
All our products and packaging are already sustainable and extremely versatile and multifunctional.
We initiated a donation program on baby bundles - gently used baby cloths, blankets and accessories for mothers who labor and deliver in rural clinics across South Africa. We would like to develop this simple program in partnership with the community midwives and Health Department.
The baby bundles will be delivered in bulk to rural baby clinics where they are given out by midwives to mothers who give birth inside the facility.
Each KO-COON Baby Bundle will include a receiving blanket, baby/infant clothing and important, relevant information for new moms, developed by the Department of Health of Republic of South Africa.
Baby garments have an especially short life, averaging only a few months in a lifetime of wear. Our thinking: why not do something better with all those outgrown baby clothes and benefit of a PURPOSEFUL DISCOUNT in the same time?
Any KO-COON or any other brand Baby clothing / bedding item can be recycled back to us at your convenience.
We cover return shipping cost, and as a thank you for recycling your garment, we will send you a discount code for 20% off. Use it to purchase the next size up, or use it for whatever you want.
Email hello@ko-coon.co.za to request a Trade In and commit to send your gently used baby items (i.e blankets or infant/newborn baby garments and accessories)
We'll email you a discount code for 20% off for your order.  And we will send packed within your order a courier flyer bag (A3).
Send the outgrown/pre-loved items back to us. We'll give them a second life in our KO-COON Bundle Donation Program. WE TRUST YOU WILL SEND!
Our preferred courier will be instructed to collect the flyer bag full of pre-loved outgrown goodies and bring it back to us. Have the trading items ready and as the courier arrives at your door to bring your KO-COON order, you add the pre-loved items into the flyer sent to you.
Give back to others and to earth by recycling used clothing.