Merino wool Washable Nursing Pads (1 pair)
Merino wool Washable Nursing Pads (1 pair)

Merino wool Washable Nursing Pads (1 pair)

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If you are a new or expecting mom, sooner or later you’re going to need a good supply of nursing pads. The nursing pads are on any MOM's essentials list.

KO-COON Reusable Nursing Pads are your conscious choice for your body, your budget and for our planet.

While disposable pads are convenient, they can get expensive if you’re prone to leaking and need daily protection. Many women choose to have at least a couple reusable pads on hand even if they prefer disposables most of the time.

Material. The pads are made out of our signature soft quilted cotton and merino wool. This is an incredibly soft and absorbent pad and will give the most amazing sensory experience. Merino wool and cotton are naturally antibacterial which like hemp make it ideal for breastfeeding journey when moms’ breasts and nipples are very sensitive. These fabric help to avoid yeast and bacterial infections.

These washable pads have 2 layers of soft double knit cotton and 1 layer of merino wool. We would recommend these for up to semi-heavy letdown.

It is completely waste-free, biodegradable and sustainable product. 

Design & Size. The job of a nursing pad is to absorb leaked milk so that it doesn’t make an appearance on your clothing. But the simple and beautiful shape just makes one feel better. The larger the pad, the more it will blend into your bra smoothly so that it’s not easily detected from the outside. Most women also feel better protected when a larger area of their breast is covered. The larger pads stay in place much better than small pads.

Breastfeeding experts advice. Reusable nursing pads are the most economical option, but they also require a little more effort. "As soon as you notice that your pad is a little damp, it’s important to change to a clean, dry pad as soon as possible. The longer your breast rests on a wet pad, the more likely you are to develop a yeast infection. These infections are uncomfortable and can interfere with your ability to feed your baby."

Multifunctional. Will make for handy and perfect cosmetic / facial pads

Packaging. 1 pair in a handy cotton bag for easy storage and use.

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