MOON - Baby play gym wooden frame

MOON - Baby play gym wooden frame

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Introducing Moon wooden frame 2in1: The latest modern Baby Play Gym for dangles and announcements.

Crafted from wood and finished in a serene milky white, the Moon Baby Play Gym is a revolutionary addition to your nursery. Its captivating moon-shaped design creates a dreamy atmosphere for your little one, while its ingenious holes serve as portals to a world of creativity and development.

Key Features:
- Innovative Design: Moon Baby Gym is a vision brought to life - a circular frame that is unlike any other. It's a changing frame, a baby gym, and a canvas for your imagination.

- Versatile Use: Place it on the floor for tummy time or on top of your changing station for easy nappy changes. Our Moon adapts to your baby's needs.

- Developmental Hub: The carefully designed holes let you hang ribbons, mobiles, or any sensory toys to engage and stimulate your baby's senses.

- Memorable Moments: The Moon isn't just for the early months. It transforms into a backdrop for announcements, from baby showers to birthday celebrations. It grows with your baby.

- Compact and Portable: Designed to be flat-packed, The Moon can accompany you wherever you and your baby go.

Welcome to a world of wonder, growth, and cherished memories with Moon Baby Play Gym by KO-COON. Embrace the moon, and let your baby's dreams take flight.

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